+i        -  Is 'invisible'.
  +w        -  Can see wallops messages.
  +r        -  Is registered/identified to services.
  +s        -  Can see oper kill messages.
  +R        -  Will not receive messages from -r clients.
 *+a        -  Designates the user as being a services administrator.
 *+b        -  Can see chatops messages.
 *+c        -  Can see client connections and exits.
 *+d        -  Can see debug messages.
 *+e        -  Can see dccallow failure notices.
 *+f        -  Can see flood messages.
 *+g        -  Can recieve globops messages.
 *+h        -  Is available for help, being listed in /stats P
 *+j        -  Can see rejected connection notices
 *+k        -  Can see server kill messages.
 *+m        -  Can see spambot notices.
 *+n        -  Can see routing notices.
 *+o        -  Is a global IRC Operator.
 *+y        -  Can see certain information requests. (e.g. /stats)
 *+A        -  Is a server administrator.
 *+F        -  Can bypass the ircd's recvq throttling
 *+K        -  Can see U:lined kill messages
 *+O        -  Is a local IRC Operator.
* designates that the umode is oper only


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