IRC Services end-of-life announcement

With more than 12 years of Services on GRNet, we would surely like to THANK Andrew Church, Ian R. Justman, Andrew Kempe and everybody else involved in the development and support of Services throughout these years!

Andrew Church, author of IRC Services, has sent the final end-of-life announcement:

Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 12:00:00 JST
Subject: [IRCServices] IRC Services end-of-life announcement

To all,

Happy New Year!  I hope you are enjoying whatever holiday season you may
be celebrating.

As previously announced, the maintenance period for Services 5.1 has
ended, and I will be taking down the Services website and mailing lists
shortly following this announcement.  I will continue to accept reports
of bugs which significantly affect security or stability and release
updates to version 5.1 as necessary (there will be no further updates to
version 5.0 in any case, even for security-related issues); please send
such bug reports to me directly, at  The source code
for Services will remain available at the current URL:
through April 5, 2011, and release notifications will be posted on the
project's Freshmeat page:

Thank you all once again for your support over the years.

Best wishes,

  --Andrew Church